David Marquis has lived an inspiring life.  You can hear determination in his voice as the memories fill his mind and he laughingly says "I've gone from the South Bronx to Alaska to Madison Avenue..."  David is a survivor.  He grew up during some of New York City's toughest years in a socio-economic climate that would smother the dreams and claim the lives of countless youth just like him.  He would find sanctuary at the Boys & Girls Club, one of the many places where he worked on the basketball skills that would eventually earn him an athletic scholarship to West Texas State University.  After college he went on to serve to his country and enlisted in the US Army.  Training as a Corp Engineer he would go on to work on the Alaskan pipeline, scale towers, build spans, and even jump out of aircraft as a paratrooper.  Upon returning home, David spent twenty years in the entertainment business working with and learning from leaders in the industry and it was there that he decided to become an entrepreneur and create a legacy that mirrored his spirit and style.  RISE Cologne.


RISE is the product of extensive research in fragrance chemistry.  Marquis learned from a brilliant chemist about how to create a signature scent that would tell his story of hope, perseverance and success.  Through much trial and error they were able to experience the different notes and experiment with the highs, lows and counterpoints of scent layering.  The result was a unique and exquisite scent that represents his life journey.  Down to earth woods with clean fresh citrus mint layered in masculine root and musk; Crisp greens rest on cedar and smooth hints of bean and fruit round out the experience along with other essentials.  Everyone who tested it loved it and women demanded a scent of their own so David and the chemist went back to work to create POISE Parfum.


POISE is a tribute to the power, perseverance, and timeless beauty of today's woman.  This outstanding fragrance captures a complexity of notes that are all at once elegant, brilliant and warm.  There is a confidence, grace, and allure that is the signature of a POISE woman.  


David Marquis believes that when we are faced with adversity, as individuals, and as a nation. we must endure and endeavor to emerge better than we were before.  He hopes his story and the creation of RISE will inspire others to accept the challenges, overcome the obstacles, learn from their experiences and ascend to accomplish their goals.  

You can now add "Best Selling Author" to his credits with the newly released and wonderfully received book,

"Suited For Success" ! It is a collaboration PK Kersey and 25 other entrepreneurs who will inspire and guide you on your

journey to success . David Marquis is one of the contributing authors.

We know you will benefit from the outstanding life lessons that David and the other strong and intelligent gentlemen are sharing.

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